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The Risk Management and Insurance Planning Process

Our Risk Management and long-term Insurance Plan has been developed to provide you with the best financial solutions should something unexpected happen to you.

Expert Analysts provide recommendations on data gathered, to provide you with a tailor-made solution, that suits your long terms needs and ties up with your current financial situation, whilst still providing protection for your family.

Our Process

Step 1: Determining your needs and your current financial situation
  • Based on an initial discussion with one of our consultants, we begin by putting together a detailed personal profile based on the information that is provided to us by you. This includes information about you and your family, as well as details of your income and that at of your spouse. This is followed by an inventory of your assets and liabilities.
  • During this discussion our consultant will determine your financial requirements should you die unexpectedly, need full time hospital care, be rendered permanently disabled or be diagnosed with a Dread Disease.
  • During the initial consultation, we will address any immediate concerns or questions, and discuss your long-term goals and expectations moving forward.
  • We will gauge what current insurance products you have in place and take these into account when advising you.
  • Finally, based on all the information that is gathered, a budget will be compiled to determine what you can afford when it comes to long-term personal insurance products.
Step 2: Data checking

In order to compile a detailed client profile and to provide you with the best solution for your individual circumstances, we carry out a comprehensive check with a range of service providers so that we can ascertain what other investment and insurance policies you may have that need to be taken into account for our analysis.

Step 3: Compiling your risk mitigation analysis and creating your long term insurance plan
  • Once our analysts have processed your current assets and liabilities, personal insurance products, any investments and factored in your financial requirements, a detailed report will be compiled that will analyse your current financial situation in the event of death, disability or severe illness.
  • Based on this information, as well as your current needs and any existing policies or investments, we will prepare a proposal with an insurance solution that will include alternatives should you be unable to implement our recommendations immediately.
  • This proposal will be designed for your specific circumstances, based on your level of affordability.
  • A step-by-step plan will be prepared, explaining the execution of our proposal.
Step 4: Presenting your Risk Mitigation Plan
  • Once all the information has been gathered and processed your consultant will present the findings and explain them to you.
  • Your consultant will put forward suitable products and make suggestions about how to incorporate these as part of your long-term financial plan.
Step 5: Ongoing management and review of your financial plan
  • We believe that part of what differentiates us is our service to our clients. As such, we monitor each client on an ongoing basis and, based on our reviews, make the necessary recommendations regarding adjustments to your financial plan.
  • Each of our clients is different and therefore has different needs. Based on the complexity of your Financial Plan we suggest a certain number of face-to-face meetings, telephone or video conferences per year to review your current situation.

We have the Life Assurance Risk Solution for you.

To find out more about our Risk Solutions please contact Christa on
+27 10 822 5100 or send us an email using the link below.
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