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business risk mitigation

Business Financial Management Consultation and Risk Mitigation

Your business is no different to an individual in that it has certain financial requirements and, one of the fundamental ways of achieving these requirements is through investment. We will assist you to capitalise on the financial success of your company and to grow that return further by investing and managing the funds proactively.

Our expert Consultants are well versed in Business Financial Management, and as such, are equipped to manage and invest your earnings wisely.

What are the effects and risk to a business and the shareholders should a business partner experience an unforeseen tragic incident, leaving them unable to continue their role in business? Allow our Consultants to mitigate these risks and put a contingency plan in place for unforeseen circumstances.

Our Process

Step 1: Understanding the current financial position of your business
  • In order to compile a detailed profile of your business,your consultant will become acquainted with the nature of your business, study your comprehensive balance sheet, your cash flow and any existing budgets that you might have.
  • Further information will be gathered to ascertain any current agreements between shareholders, directors and staff in order to understand the measures put in place for key individuals and shareholders within the business.
  • During this consultation, your consultant will discuss any current concerns and future objectives that you may have for the business.
  • A detailed account will be given outlining plans for the growth of the business over the next five years.
Step 2: Data Gathering
  • Our in-house analysts will conduct an in depth investigation, involving various service providers, to determine any investment and insurance policies held by the business so that they can be used to compile a comprehensive portfolio for your business.
  • We will also prepare a summary of all existing contracts, policies and financial statements relating to the business, as well as its directors and shareholders.
Step 3: Compile a Business Financial Analysis and Plan
  • A schedule of assets and liabilities will be prepared, in conjunction with a liquidity statement. This is based on the statements provided by you to your consultant.
  • Either a new or updated policy will be drafted for key individuals within the business.
  • New or updated buy and sell agreements between the shareholders of the business will be prepared.
  • An analysis of the business budgets and cash flows will be carried out and an investment plan based on your business needs will be compiled, taking into account the business’ growth strategy and equipment needs moving forward.
  • A step by step plan for action will be laid out, based on the business’ forward planning, contingencies and agreements. This plan will detail the savings and growth strategy, as well as mechanisms for any unplanned events during the outlined period.
Step 4: Presentation of Business Financial Plan
  • The findings of the analysis will be presented to you and explained by your business consultant.
  • Proposals will be put forward for the implementation of your Business Financial Plan. This will include product suitability and service provider recommendations.
Step 5: Ongoing Management and Review of Business Financial Plan
  • We recommend a series of meetings in person as well as telephone and video conference calls. The number of these consultationsper year will depend on the complexity of your Business Financial Plan.
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We have the Business Assurance Solution for you.

To find out more about our Risk Solutions please contact Christa on
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