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Efficient Tax Planning Consultation

It is said that there are only two certainties in life and one of them is taxes. So, it stands to reason that whatever income streams you have you will trigger a liability to SARS for your taxable earnings.

Risk Management and Insurance Planning

Our risk management assessment and long term insurance planning process have both been developed so that we can provide you with the best financial solutions should something unexpected happen to you.

Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer Consultation

Preparing for your eventual death is not something anyone relishes. That being said, it is an important aspect of your financial planning.

Employee Benefits

Retirement savings are provided; the Risk Benefit options include Life, disability and funeral cover; and we also cater for Employee Healthcare schemes. A Company Retirement Fund gives the employer ‘Peace of Mind’ that employees have some form of financial security for retirement.

Post Retirement Plan Consultation

Once you have completed the working phase of your life and as such have completed your retirement saving plan, the next step is to ensure that your money continues working, even when you aren’t.

Business Financial Management Consultation

Your business is no different to an individual, in that it has certain financial needs and requirements and like a person one of the fundamental ways of achieving these needs is through investment.

Vehicle and Household Insurance

We tailor-make bespoke solutions for our short-term household and vehicle insurance clients.Our professional consultants offer unbiased advice and implementation of services with a one point of contact for all enquiries, placements and claims whilst ensuring all your insurance needs are taken care of professionally and timeously.

Commercial Insurance

Morebo is ideally placed to encompass transformation, upliftment and empowerment, thus ensuring tailor-made bespoke solutions for our commercial insurance clients. Our experienced team are specialists in this field and ensure professional, unbiased advice and implementation of services with a one point of contact for all enquires, placements and claims whilst ensuring all services rendered are transparent, professional and timeous.
Less risk, Mor+ advice

Give your employees real benefits, and speak to one of our experienced brokers today

Benefits for Employees

A Shared Client Centric Approach

See how we add value to our clients through our comprehensive financial planning solutions.

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