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Navigating the complexities of medical aid funds and ensuring equal access to quality private health for your Employee Benefit Strategy can be an intimidating task.

Allow Morebo Brokerage to ease the burden: -

  • we assess & mitigate the risk


  • evaluate the benefits versus the costs.

Since the conversation is about ensuring you and your employees understand the options available to you, we partner with you for the long term journey, creating a level of trust to understand your needs, ensuring your staffs wellbeing Is prioritised at the right cost, giving you peace of mind!

Our staff are skilled, trained and continuously mentored to give the highest standard of advice and consulting, on a daily basis to your staff.  We continuously monitor the demographic changes within your company to ensure the necessary changes are made, as the company expands. 


We conduct a GAP analysis to establish if there are any shortfalls and offer holistic health and wellness initiatives at no additional costs to the employer or employees. Our Employee Wellness Programs create an upbeat, healthy, happy, productive and revenue generating workforce.


Expected benefits & outcomes

We believe we possess the necessary experience, commitment and passion to assist you, the employer, and your staff to achieve a successfully administered healthcare strategy.

live to leave a legacy

We have the Employee Benefits Solution for you.

To find out more about our Employee Benefits Programs please contact Millicent on +27 10 822 5081 or send us an email using the link below.
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