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Financial Wellness

Navigating the intricacies of investments to achieve investment growth can be a formidable task. Morebo empowers, educates and enables South Africans to achieve the best possible financial outcomes for themselves and those they care about.

We partner with businesses and retirement funds to offer financial wellness solutions across the board, including but not limited to employee benefits, retirement, financial literacy, estate planning, wealth transfer, pre-retirement planning, post-retirement planning, and Investment planning.

Morebo implements and administers a holistic financial literacy program thus ensuring full engagement for your employees and fund members resulting in bespoke solutions for individual’s needs.

Of utmost importance is our ability to ensure that whomever we deal with has the opportunity to ‘Live to leave a legacy’!

Morebo has the ability to assess your current staff compliment, understand their needs and propose financial wellness workshops to suit their needs.


To empower the employees and fund members to gain a positive financial outcome Morebo has strategic partnerships to leverage off its service providers well-established infrastructure and global positioning, ensuring that employees are in a position to ‘Live to leave a Legacy’.


We offer the following:


  • Financial literacy workshops (engaging at all levels);
  • Online financial literacy tools are available through our partners;
  • Financial healthcare online  – monitoring and managing;
  • Financial Advisory support delivered by Morebo Consultants


We offer a comprehensive financial literacy program encompassing the necessary support and guidance.

live to leave a legacy

We have the Financial Literacy Solution for you.

To find out more about our Financial Wellness Programs please contact Millicent on +27 10 822 5081 or send us an email using the link below.
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