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By Moipone Molapo – Morebo Intern

If you could do anything, anything at all, what would you do? Who would you be? Could you instantly answer, or would you be stuck contemplating the endless possibilities?
Lately I have been thinking about this, or maybe a more accurate way to describe it is that I have been consumed by thoughts like, am I doing enough? or have I truly discovered my life’s purpose? What will I be remembered for once my body is dust and has returned to the elements of this world? These questions keep me up at night sometimes, but the beauty in all of it is that once I find the answers, I can do something about it. The concept of being stuck is merely temporary because something can be done.

As Youth day approaches, I cannot help but think about how truly blessed we all are, that no matter how confused we are or how far along we are in the journey of self-discovery, we are able to pave the way and work toward doing the things we want to accomplish and being who we want to be. Had it not been for those who came before us and sacrificed their lives for us we would not be able to mould our own lives. The blood shed has afforded us the privilege to thrive, to be more than our ancestors could have ever imagined.

Though our country has come a long way the youth still faces so many challenges, we fight unseen battles every other day. We still must deal with unemployment, discrimination and racism, gender-based violence to name a few. As a young woman I feel it necessary to mention that even as we set goals and achieve them, we still live in constant fear of our male counterparts.

During youth month we commemorate all those who marched and protested against Bantu education, our parents cry tears remembering the friends and family they lost, and we are reminded how fortunate we are. June 16, 1976 was a day that should never be forgotten, as a nation we should not only remember our fallen heroes but also continue actively working towards making our country a better one, making equality the foundation of everything we do and every opportunity we create. We have a long way to go but if we stay committed to working on equality, we will create a better standard of living for the youth of tomorrow. There is no end to the change that can be formed, it is a journey and we should all play our part in making our country a better place for ourselves, our parents and our children.

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