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By: Kathleen Storey

October is well-known for bringing awareness to the severity of breast cancer, its prevention and the search for a cure. A little less well-known is that October is also physical therapy month, drawing attention to the benefits of physical therapy and its use as an alternative to long-term pain medication.

Physical therapy is a therapeutic practice focused on the joints and soft tissues, used primary in the treatment and elimination of pain. There are many reasons why people turn to physical therapy, from relief of sprains and strains, to injury repair as a preventative measure against surgery, and even rehabilitation from strokes and severe lung illnesses. There is a good chance that if you suffer a significant physical injury or illness, you will be advised to visit your local physio. A physical therapist is a qualified medical professional, with the skills to both diagnose and treat a variety of physical abnormalities. Just like with any other medical profession, these skilled professionals charge a commensurate rate for their expertise.

In the face of illness, while we appreciate the wonders of modern medicine, we often seek alternative methods to relieve pain and heal ourselves holistically. The support offered by physical therapy, when combined with medical care, can boost the body’s ability to repair and heal itself. Although the benefits of physical therapy certainly outweigh the costs, the costs may prevent us from making use of this service, if we do not have the adequate funds.

One way to ensure we are able to afford the best care should we fall seriously ill is to invest in disability cover. Disability cover is a type of illness insurance that covers individuals who have become disabled in some way. The insured is paid out, either a tax-free lump sum or a monthly income, upon diagnosis, with cover for both temporary and permanent disabilities, with payment varying based on the severity of the disability.

Let’s take some time to appreciate our physical abilities, marvel in the miracle that is the human body, and be thankful for the all those who choose to dedicate their lives to keeping us fit and mobile.

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