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By Colin Horwitz

As we all by now know, the entire world is experiencing an event that is unprecedent in living memory. The effects of Covid-19 are going to be felt for many months to come.

The news this morning is gloomy. More than 300 000 people are infected world-wide with the number of deaths so far exceed 13 000. Over one billion people around the world have been confined to their homes in approximately 35 countries across the globe. To me the whole situation is surreal, and it feels like an extremely bad dream. However, the situation is real and unfortunately, we all have to do our part to ensure that we stay safe and that we contribute to “flattening the curve”.

I am not going to go into what everyone should be doing. Enough has been said and published on that. The purpose of this brief note is to inform you, our client as to what we at Morebo are doing in terms of business continuity.

After listening to President Ramaphosa SONA on Sunday night, we took the decision on Monday 16 March to reduce the number of people in the office to the bare minimum. As of Thursday, the majority of our staff have been working from home. Currently there is a skeleton staff of approximately 8 people, all administration, manning the office and they have been spread out so that no-one is sitting less than 5 metres from the next. Management are in continuous contact with all staff members and are monitoring them remotely. They are all under strict instruction to immediately report any health issues that may arise, so that we can assist if necessary.

The building management has issued a list of instructions to the tenants in Libridge, the most important being and the one that affects you, our client, is that no visitors will be allowed access to the building. So, as much as we like seeing you, please do not come into Braamfontein.

As to the business itself our systems ensure that we can operate from wherever we are and to this extent it is “business as usual’ for everyone at Morebo. However, the majority of our people and specifically, all of the consultants, are not in the office. Should you need to contact one of them please do this via their mobile numbers or their e-mails. Should you have misplaced their e-mail address, it is their

Now, as we are in the financial business and unfortunately money does not sleep, your consultant will happily talk to you by mobile and should you wish to have a teleconference, over Skype, WhatsApp or any of the other available communication apps. 

If you are having problems contacting your consultant you are welcome to drop me an e-mail at and I will see to it that you will be contacted as soon as possible.

We will keep you updated as to what is going on at Morebo, but in the meantime all of us here wish you and yours the best. Stay safe!

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