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Morebo is Growing

Morebo is growing. Our goal is to become the largest transformed Financial Services and Advisory firm in South Africa. Although, 18 months into a global pandemic, growth may not be the topic of most business conversations, at Morebo we believe that out of the ashes of the harshest of environments, business can grow exponentially. Just like an oak tree, preparing for winter to end, ready to sprout spring leaves, so too has Morebo patiently waited for the “new normal” to set in, and is now preparing to blossom once again.


Morebo’s vision, is to tirelessly explore, innovate and implement new strategies and value propositions that make Morebo iconic, profitable and attractive as a financial service partner of choice.


Looking back, Morebo has benefited from exceptional growth under Colin Horwitz. Having been at the helm of the business for the last 22 years, Colin has seen the business flourish from a small start-up of 8 people to a financial services organisation of 80 competent and professional individuals.


Growth is not always easy, and Morebo has had to overcome some growing pains along the way, from a constantly changing and demanding legislative environment, to managing recessions, domestic politics and the COVID 19 pandemic. Throughout these times Colin stands out as an authentic leader who enables the development of our people, helping them grow educationally, gain experience, and thrive in an environment that was and is still not easy to operate in. 


Exploration and innovation require new and novel approaches. Morebo is ready to embrace fresh perspectives. With this in mind, we are proud to announce the appointment of Faul La Grange as Group Chief Executive Officer to the Morebo Group. Faul will be joining and expanding the Morebo Management team, allowing Colin to step aside and have the freedom to move onto his next challenge as Executive Chairman of the Group.


Faul is inspired by Morebo’s optimism for South Africa, the economy, and its people. According to Faul “The shared belief that we CAN and WILL change lives across generations by who we are, what we stand for and how we execute our profession as financial professionals is what makes Morebo such a unique financial services organisation”. Faul shares Morebo’s desire to develop and deliver the future leaders of the financial services industry, creating a business that represents the demographics of our nation, and in whom we can trust to continue to Live to Leave a Legacy.


As Colin hands on the baton, he is extremely proud of the current team. The management and staff continuously rise to challenges daily with exuberance and with a positive attitude that bodes well for Morebo’s future growth.


Morebo envisages a future of reform in retirement fund consulting, employee benefits and financial advisory services. We see financial advice and consulting as both a product and a service and constantly strive to innovate financial product offerings available to clients, whilst delivering a client experience that sets us apart in the South African market. Faul has stepped in to lead Morebo into the future. He says, “It is my fundamental belief that together we have the knowledge, skills, experience, and resources to impact our clients’ businesses, and their people, significantly and positively, through our advice led models and targeted financial solutions”. Faul understands the opportunities facing Morebo, namely growth through the proficient recruitment of advisors and consultants, the expansion of the capabilities of the current servicing platform and building a unique offering for the market. He is excited to oversee the continuation of the Morebo journey and to execute on a shared vision and mission to be the most recognised and trusted financial advisory group to the South African SME and SMME corporate market.


As Morebo enters a new chapter in its journey, the addition of Faul to lead the management team, will add inspirational and exceptional performance that will  advance Morebo towards its desired future growth.


According to Malesela Ledwaba, the Managing Director of Morebo Brokerage and Morebo Financial Solutions, “it is Faul’s aim to constantly rouse and challenge the commitment of our people to our collective strategic objectives. By living and leading the values that characterise Morebo, drawing from our culture of authentic leadership and entrepreneurship, caring about the welfare and future of our people and accepting responsibility and accountability for ensuring organisational growth that brings opportunities for our people will bring financial security for our clients, our staff and their families.” Malesela adds that Faul “is a transformational leader who will rejuvenate the business”. With over 20 years of industry experience, and expertise in transforming and scaling businesses, he will do Morebo good. In closing Malesela reminds us that   we operate in the gig economy, and it requires us to revisit our go to market strategy. Morebo is ready to explore, innovate and implement.


As Morebo grows, so does our product offering and service offering and we are now, more than ever, able to offer our clients bespoke advice solutions, tailored to their specific needs. Let us grow together. Let us Live to Leave a Legacy.


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