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Do you have Sasria cover attached to your short-term insurance policy?

The South African Special Risks Insurance Association is a state-owned enterprise and is the only short-term insurer that provides cover to all the people, businesses and South African government structures that have assets in South Africa. However, it must be noted that Sasria only provides cover in certain  circumstances that will not be covered by your normal short-term policy. These circumstances have been highlighted by the events of the past week where we experienced wide-spread civil uprising resulting in massive damage to property, looting and rioting.


It is important to note that Sasria does not cover you for loss caused by theft, accident and/or fire, caused by events not classified as civil unrest. This is a claim against your short-term policy. You will also not be covered for confiscation of property in terms of a judgement or any other lawful proclamation, stopping or deliberate slow-down of work, or in the case of a terrorist act involving the threat or use of a chemical, biological or nuclear weapon.


It is important to note that Sasria cover can only be accessed as an addition to your normal short-term policy and cannot be taken out directly with Sasria. The good news for South African policy holders is that in most instances, Sasria cover is automatically included in your standard short-term policy. However, it is important to check the terms and conditions of your policy to ensure that it is in place.


We are pleased to advise our Morebo clients that all of our policy holders, irrespective of the insurance provider, have Sasria cover included in their policies.


We at Morebo invite you to contact us if you feel that you would like us to check your current policy, want a second opinion regarding the fit of your policy to your circumstances, or if you are looking for advice and a quote. Our professionally qualified consultants will be happy to assist with your enquiries.


We can be contacted via our website  by e-mail or by calling us on 010-8225100. We do have personnel in the office.

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