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A message from the Group CEO FAUL LA GRANGE - 2022 IS OUR TIME!


I was privileged to spend time hiking in the Northern Drakensberg over the festive period. Being so close to nature, I could not help but feel gratitude for the blessings in my life. The most important of which, are good health and time. These are things that no amount of money can secure for us. 

After reflecting on the last two years and while considering my 2022 message to you, I want to share with you the issue that is at the forefront of my mind, Time! 

So, what is it about time that is so important? It is surely the most unforgiving influenceon this earth. 

We cannot stop time, we cannot pause time, we cannot go back or forward in time. Weare at the mercy of every second that ticks by. All we have is our ability to choose whatand whom we engage with in the time available to us.

Covid 19 has been devastating and has touched every one of us in a personal way.Never has the importance of our profession been more evident than during this time.From a health perspective, many people have become seriously ill, with lives being lost. 

Simultaneously South Africans have seen a major loss of employment, reduction inincome and increased medical bills together with unforeseen events like the looting ofbusiness in KZN and Gauteng in July 2021. Many people lost their livelihoods, marriagesdestroyed, families left financially destitute resulting from the economic turmoil. 

Reflecting back, there was little or no financial planning in place to prepare for thisperiod and despite the devastation of the pandemic, people still do not seek qualityfinancial advice and solutions, yet time continues to tick past.

As Morebo, we cannot wait for people to come to us, we cannot wait for people toexperience a life changing event or contract a life-threatening illness to realise that theyneed good financial advice and great solutions that meet their needs. We cannot allowour clients to earn another salary and not invest it for their retirement or save for theeducation of their children.

Thinking back over my 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry, I smile. 

I smile for every child we were able to take care of when their single parent mother orfather passed away. I smile for every retiree embraced in financial comfort because theyplanned with us. I smile for every cancer treatment paid for by dread disease cover weput in place. I smile for every co-payment refunded by a GAP product we implemented. Ismile for every disability income payment 

received monthly providing for a family,because their loved ones trusted us.

My message to all of you for 2022 is simply to make sure that you get our great financialsolutions to good people that need them and do so with an enthusiastic sense ofurgency. Be proud of our profession, what we do matters, get out there and changelives. Do not waste another second, we do not have tomorrow or next week or nextmonth, somebody out there needs us today, right now!

Let one of your new year resolutions be to spend your time doing important things thatserve humanity.

Wishing you a healthy, prosperous and successful 2022.

Best wishes


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