MOR+ Benefits for Employees

A unique offering from the Morebo Group

For most South Africans, their spend on company Retirement Fund and Group Risk benefits are likely to be the biggest single point of cost when it comes to saving faor retirement and protecting themselves and their families against loss of income.

As employers we understanad the value that these benefits ultimately have for our employees including the value that the economies of scale these group interventions have. How can we make them real to our emplaoyees as an entrenched tool of value that will enhance the employee value proposition ensuring we are employers of choice?

It is with this in mind that Morebo understands the need to bring you Mor. Mor+ Value for Employees, Mor+ Transparency and Simplicity, Mor+ Understanding of benefits, Mor+ specialised solutions that are tailor made to cater to an individual need rather than a group.

Morebo, together with our valued partners are pleased to introduce Mor+ Benefits for Employees.

We understand the fundamental value that employee benefits have on an individual’s life and this has led to the setup of a curated solution for employers, enabling them to provide the ultimate benefit structures for their employees. Benefits that are real, that are tangible, and that are valued by employees.

In an Interview with our CEO, Mr Faul La Grange, Faul highlights the following key considerations:

  • Employee benefits are an extension of the human resources promise. Ensuring that a comprehensive employee benefit risk management and specialised investment plan is in place at employer level delivers on this promise,
  • Employees must understand , in the simplest form, what their benefits are and how they can complement their personal financial planning,
  • The cost of these schemes must be structured in a way that the economies of scale brought about by an employer group and the greater pools brought on by the Morebo client base, help reduce cost and enhance benefit structures for the member,
  • The fixed cost spent by the employer must be maximised to enhance the value delivered by service providers which service the ultimate scheme, ensuring a comprehensive narrative of value and appreciation paints the employee benefit offering.

Mor+ Benefits for Employees bring world class advice led Consulting, Investment, Retirement Fund Administration and Group Risk Benefits together in a cost-effective way, increasing utilisation and value for the member and reducing the burden of administration on Human Resources and Payroll departments.

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