Post Retirement Planning

Once you have retired, your Retirement Savings Plan needs to keep working, even when you aren’t. This money must continue to grow at a rate that will sustain your lifestyle. We will assist you with the continuous management of your retirement nest-egg, so you can live the life you have worked so hard to achieve.
Post Retirement Plan Consultation

Step 1: Examining your current financial status

  • Your consultant will sit down with you to discuss what you require in order to retire comfortably.
  • During this process, any concerns you have will be addressed, along with the long term goals you have for your retirement.
  • Your current retirement portfolio will be documented.
  • Understanding your Investment Risk Profile is important, and as such your consultant will address any considerations that might need to be factored in based on this profile.
  • Alternative scenarios will be put forward to ascertain what other outcomes may be acceptable to you, if necessary.

Step 2: Collection of other data

  • A search to ascertain what investment and insurance policies you have is carried out by our office analysts. This information, along with the information you have already provided, is used to create a client portfolio. 

Step 3: Creating your Post Retirement Plan

  • Once your needs and expectation have been established a detailed analysis is carried out to work out your possible outcomes.
  • Upon completion of the data analysis, certain recommendations will be put forward taking your needs for the future and your Investment Risk Profile into account. Included in this will be alternatives should you be required to compromise on your ideal wants in retirement.
  • The implementation of your post retirement plan will be outlined, with a step by step guide for implementation.

Step 4: Presentation of Post Retirement Plan

  • Your analyst will present and explain the findings of your report.
  • Suggestions will be made, that include product suitability, so as to implement your Financial Plan.

Step 5: Ongoing Management and Review of Post Retirement Plan

  • At Morebo, we ensure that your Post Retirement Plan is closely monitored, and will suggest a certain number of face to face review meetings, as well as telephone and video conference calls during the course of the year.

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