Investment Planning and Asset Management Consultation Process

Navigating the complexities of investments can be a daunting prospect, which is why we work closely with you to understand your needs as well as your willingness to take risks to achieve investment growth. We understand that your Investment Portfolio is the engine to achieve your long term financial plan, and when managed properly will allow you to reach your personal financial goals. Each plan is tailor-made, based on our understanding of you and your financial requirements and objectives.

Investment Planning and Asset Management Consultation Process

Step 1: Determining your Investment Goals and Expectations

  • During your consultation, your dedicated financial advisor will discuss the recommendations set out in your financial Needs Analysis.
  • A brief overview of investment principles will be explained.
  • A clear understanding of your investment objectives, constraints and preferences will be reached between you and your consultant, and an investment time horizon will be established.
  • By studying your behavioural finance patterns we will be able to ascertain your investment risk profile.

Step 2: Collecting your data

  • All the data you submit will be entered into our system, along with any additional information that might be needed to develop as series of investment recommendations.

Step 3: Detailing your comprehensive Investment Plan

  • After determining your requirements, investment expectations and appetite for Risk, a comprehensive investment proposal will be compiled based on your individual needs.
  • A detailed outline will be put forward underlining how to action the investment plan’s implementation.

Step 4: Your Investment Plan explained

  • Recommendations will be presented and explained to you in conjunction with a risk versus return analysis.
  • An implementation and ongoing management service agreement will be finalised and applied.

Step 5: The continual management and review your investment plan

  • A monthly investment management fee is levied in order to provide a monthly investment performance review, weekly market commentaries and a back-office in depth study of your investment portfolio.
  • A series of face to face meetings and conference calls will be scheduled between you and your financial consultant – the frequency of which will be determined by the intricacy of your investment portfolio.

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