Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer Consultation

Preparing for your death is an important aspect of your financial planning. We will work with you to ensure that your family and loved ones are taken care of and your instructions are carried out as per your request. Once a full assessment of your assets, liabilities and beneficiaries has been conducted, we will provide expert advice on how best to manage your affairs in a thorough and detailed manner, ensuring your family is taken care of after you pass away..

Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer Consultation

Step 1: What is your current financial situation?

  • We will compile a personal profile containing all your detailed information, your family planning status, all assets and liabilities, as well as your household incomes.
  • We discuss what estate planning you currently have in place, including trusts, wills and any policies that might be in your name.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of estate planning, we take the time to talk about any concerns or queries that you may have, as well as your intentions regarding your wealth distribution.

Step 2: Data Gathering

  • To be able to provide a comprehensive review and report, our analysts conduct an in depth investigation with a variety of service providers to track down your current investment and insurance policies.

Step 3: Creating an estate analysis and plan

  • Once we have all the necessary information and data, your consultant will prepare a schedule of assets and liabilities, as well as a liquidity statement that is based on your wishes for the allocation of your deceased estate.
  • A new or updated draft of your Last Will and Testament will be prepared, based on your wishes and the findings of the liquidity statement.
  • Where applicable a draft of a new or updated Trust Deed will be prepared that takes into account your personal requirements and the findings of the liquidity statement carried out by our analysts.
  • A step by step estate plan is then prepared for execution should something fatal happen to you. This plan will detail your final wishes and the mechanisms by which these will be implemented in terms of the law.

Step 4: Presenting your estate plan

  • Your consultant will go through the estate analysis with you and explain it to you.
  • Recommendations based on this analysis will be made regarding the implementation of an estate plan, which will include product suitability and suggestions as well as advice on service provider recommendations.

Step 5: Maintenance, management and review of your estate plan

  • Depending on the level of complexity in your estate plan, your consultant will make a recommendation regarding meetings, telephonic and video conference calls and any other updates throughout the year.

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