Efficient Tax Planning

One of the certainties in life are taxes.
So, it stands to reason that whatever income streams you have, you will be liable to SARS for your taxable earnings. A vitally important element of our Financial Consultation process is offering our clients efficient Tax Planning.

Efficient Tax Planning

Step 1: Establishing your current tax status

  • When you meet with a Morebo consultant the first step will be to establish the nature of your employment – whether you are self employed, earn commission, are a consultant or a sole shareholder in either your own or a family business.
  • You will discuss your current tax structure, based on your last tax return.
  • During the consultation, your objectives, constraints and preferences will be established.

Step 2: The data collecting process

  • All the data you provide to your tax consultant will be uploaded into our system and any additional ancillary information that may be required to prepare a recommendation will be gathered.

Step 3: Compiling a detailed Tax Efficiency Guide

  • After determining your requirements and expectations a detailed recommendation will be compiled based on your needs and flexibility requirements.
  • A step by step plan will be prepared for the proposed implementation of these recommendations.

Step 4: Presentation of Tax Efficiency Guide

  • Recommendations will be presented and explained to you, together with a risk versus return analysis.
  • An implementation and ongoing management service agreement will be finalised between you and your consultant, and then applied.
  • A document will then be prepared with instructions for implementation by your Tax Practitioner

Step 5: The continuous management and reviewing of your Financial Plan

  • Based on the complexity of your Financial Plan,your consultant will recommend a schedule of meetings and telephone and video conference reviews.

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