What does International Women's Day mean to you?

Aug 7, 2019, 15:55 PM

07 August 2019, by Jacqui Teixeira

International Women's Day started as part of an industrial struggle, while there's still a lot of struggling to be done I think there should be a strong emphasis on celebration, teaching, nurturing and coaching the Millennial females who would be entering the work force.

A day of celebration, a day when women can get together, celebrate being a woman and all we have come through and achieved, with a reminder of how much further we still need to go when life happens.

Never forgetting the importance of Financial Planning to ensure that our loved ones are taken care off so that we can retire financially sound, or in an event of us surviving a dread disease, we are still there for our families.

With the idea of men doing the dishes and shopping, in support of us women having this day together to celebrate our uniqueness and contribution to society, business and family here is a tip.

Anything in life is possible through:-

  1. Goal setting
  2. Further education
  3. Finding your passion
  4. Just being the unique person, you are

Happy Woman’s day to all, may you achieve all you have set out to do, and remember, it’s never too late to start planning properly.

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