A word from our MD

A dream. A vision. A realisation.

Mapula Motshwane - Managing DirectorMorebo came into existence after years of careful observation of and curiosity about the financial world, South African society and our culture. The company was founded as an empowerment initiative to participate in the transformation of the financial services industry.

The driving forces behind the concept of Morebo are:

  • Financial literacy as a right not a privilege;
  • To instil a culture of planning and saving within our society.

During recent years while vising the village in which I was born in South Africa, it dawned on me that despite being a democracy for more than two decades, the devastating and crippling effects of poverty and financial illiteracy still linger on and in fact are worsening as the years progress.

During one of these visits, I reflected on the spirit of Ubuntu that was so very present and made some of us who we are today. I asked myself a series of questions:

  • What's going to become of our descendants?
  • Why, as a nation, are we no longer in tune with our heritage or our African value system?
  • Where did our Ubuntu go?

As I reflected back on the past it occurred to me that these values of Ubuntu did not just shape us socially, but they also filtered down to financial assistance. Every year until I graduated, I recall hearing my family discuss how to contribute towards my school and tertiary fees.
That sense of Ubuntu and selflessness is no longer in existence. And so, from this poignant reflection and retrospection the Morebo concept came into being.

Mapula Motshwane
Managing Director

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