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We provide empowerment through personalised financial planning solutions that work with your current situation and your long-term goals.

About Us

The name Morebo comes from the Northern Sotho dialect Selobedu, meaning Rhythm. Morebo transcends all barriers and stereotypes; 'anyone can dance to the beat if it resonates with them'.

Morebo was born out of a desire to address and remedy the lack of financial literacy that exists within South Africa today. To reach ordinary South Africans, the financial services sector is in dire need of realignment and transformation, and we aim to be leaders in this movement. Our goal is to make financial freedom a reality for all South Africans.

Our business philosophy is to “Live to Leave A Legacy” and we apply this to our individual clients, but also to our role in transforming our industry as a whole. With that in mind, we have embarked on a transformational journey to discover our national pulse, or rhythm, where unity, upliftment and empowerment are the forefront of it all.

With that in mind, we created a company that seeks to explore the South African landscape, catering for the individuals and business financial needs of our clients and providing them with assurance and peace of mind. We are driven to create a holistic process for our clients where our role is that of an Educator, Protector and Care taker of their financial security. We endeavour to preserve and grow our clients' capital, while having a positive impact on the overall growth of the economy.

Our Philosophy stems from our core set of principles:

  • Authentic Leadership & Entrepreneurship
  • Empowerment & Legacy
  • Integrity & Excellence
  • Teamwork & Collaborations
  • Brand Reputation & Accountability

Live to Leave a Legacy

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